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The Association Source, LLC, is a full-service association management company, staffed with skilled professionals who provide expert, cost-effective management and administrative support to volunteer-driven organizations.  We offer all of the benefits of a full-time staff, without the costs of office space, furniture, equipment, or employee salaries and benefits.  The Association Source, LLC, is proud to be Accredited Association Management Company.  Accreditation signifies that an AMC is able to deliver professional services at an extremely high standard with consistent quality service.  It further indicates that the AMC offers a defined set of "best practices."  More about accreditation.

Latest News

The Association Source Selected by the National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals
The Association Source, LLC, is pleased to announce that it has been selected by the National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals as its new management headquarters.  Based in Clearwater, Florida, The Association Source has been serving as a non-profit management company since 1999. The Association Source will serve as the association’s headquarters’ office by managing its membership, bookkeeping, communications, and conferences.  “We are so excited about this partnership,” said TAS’s President Jody Rosen Atkins.  “We are looking forward to helping the association build upon its achievements and increase its resources and opportunities for its members and the people they serve."


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